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Many time beginner or club player ask me a professional player hit shuttle to baseline effortlessly with such precision? And I always say them in badminton it is not about power but about how well your technique is. In this article I will tell your how to swing a badminton racket with the help of pictures so you can also hit shuttle to back of court easily.

These are some elements for executing a proper swing
  • Knowledge of correct grip
  • Body positioning
  • Pronation of arm in Forehand and Backhand shot
  • Wrist Movement (which most beginners player don’t know about)

Proper Technique to Hold Racket

In order to get full power from your wrist it is necessary that you hold racket with correct technique , one of the main mistake beginner do while holding their racket is that they try to hold racket tightly thinking that this will help them generate more power but it is not the case.

Proper grip for badminton

Proper grip for badminton

Always hold your racket with light hand and maintain a space between your palm and racket handle , it allow you to move your racket more effectively even when shuttle is behind your body.

If you are complete beginner in badminton this article will be helpfull

Remember :- Swing + Wrist = Power

Forehand swing technique

Drop shot Lee Chong wei technique

From the above picture you will get an idea of how to perform racket swing in badminton, so let’s talk these step one by one

Step 1 get yourself in a position which is ideally behind shuttle turn your body so that it is vertical to net it means your chest should not be facing your opponent where are both of your arms as shown in picture 1

Step 2 shift your body weight to your dominant leg and take your racket arm and stretch back as much as you can but also be comfortable and your non-racket arm should be straight pointing towards the shuttle.

Step 3 as soon as you see shuttle in front of you start off by pushing your right leg forward and extending your arm over the shuttle, perform action with your racket arm like you are throwing a ball to someone., don’t try to add any extra power just be with the motion , More your technique become crisp more is there it will be for you to play full length clear.

Step 4 After finishing off arm movement follow through the motion as shown in the last step.

Wrist movement during back court shots (Forehand)

In Badminton it is all about getting small things right and wrist movement is one of them , it helps you to make more deceptive , powerful shots with less effort.

Firstly you are going to face some problem applying this into your game but once it will become a part of your playing style , your opponent will surely notice by top quality shots.

Phase 1 :- This is the First position for you need to take , quickly reach behind the shuttle and turn your body to 90* degree (For clear, smash and back court drops) and Chest face partly/completely towards the net (For Drives)

Wrist movement in badminton

Phase 1

As you can see in the above picture that Racket is facing side to side this technique is very helpful in playing more deceptive shots and provide less opportunity to your opponent for anticipation.

Phase 2 :-  Now just tilt you racket in backward (keep yourself comfortable) direction keeping face of racket side to side.

Wrist movement in badminton

Phase 2

  • Pro Tip:- Badminton is a very speedy game and nowadays every player is physical Fit making them capable to reach simple shots of their opponent , so it is necessary for players to integrate deceptive shots in their game.

Phase 3:-  This is the most important part of make the shot as now you will make contact will the shuttle but most player fails to do this effectively as they tend to slice the shuttle instead of making a flat face contact.

wrist movement

Phase 3

How to practice Wrist action

  1. Stand straight with face against wall ( keep a little distance from wall)
  2. Now follow these 3 phases which i talked earlier
  3. Your main goal is to hit the wall with racket (Just touch wall with racket) while your racket face is flat as shown in Phase 3.
  4. This will help you to avoid hitting the shuttle with slice
  5. Do 10 sets of 20 each

Backhand Swing

Step 1:- Starting of swing


After holding the racket with the backhand grip now drop the racket to you back side so that there is gap between your palm and racket, the motive of this is to hold the racket with the fingers and not with your fist.This will help in generating an explosive snap of racket which is important in backhand stroke.

Step 2 :- Collecting power for the clear

taufik backhand

The next step is to keep your arm very loose if you are tensing your arm you are not going to be able to hit the backhand shot

Approach Shuttle with dominant leg with your elbow Pointing at birdie and make sure your head of the racket is on your non racket shoulder , as shown in the picture above.

Step 3 :- Contact with the shuttle


The last step in the backhand clear is to hit the shuttle

From here you will extend your arm as your pivot your body forward and snap your wrist at highest point of contact with shuttle and follow through appropriately.

Follow through the arm from position in Step 2 to Position of Step 3, While make the lunge with you racket leg.

Some key points

  • Take the shuttle as much high as possible(contact point)
  • It include the power of both wrist and arm movement
  • Always keep your knees little bit bend while playing the shot

Exercise to Strengthen Wrist and prevent injury

Warm Up :- Wrist Circles

How To Do Wrist Circles
  1. Sit or stand with your spine erect, shoulders rolled back, and look forward.
  2. Extend your hands forward at your shoulder level, and fold each palm into a fist.
  3. Keeping your elbows stationary, turn your wrists to the left, flex them up, turn to the right, and then flex down. Repeat 10 times.
  4. Reverse the direction and repeat 10 times.

1 :Wrist Curl Exercise With Dumbbells

How To Do Wrist Curl With Dumbbells
  1. Sit on a bench or a chair, and keep your legs shoulder-width apart. Grab a dumbbell in each hand, and place your forearms on your thighs such that your palms are facing up. Do not rest your wrists on your knees. This is the starting position.
  2. Keeping your forearms stationary, curl your wrists toward them. Hold this pose for a moment.
  3. Slowly extend your wrists back and down toward the floor.

2 :Reverse Wrist Curl Exercise With Dumbbells

How To Do Reverse Wrist Curl With Dumbbells
  1. Sit on a bench or a chair, and keep your legs shoulder-width apart. Grab a dumbbell in your right hand. Place your right forearm on your right thigh, with your palm facing down. Do not rest your wrist on your knee. Place your left palm on your left knee for support. This is the starting position.
  2. Keeping your forearm stationary, slowly flex your palm up and toward your body. Hold this pose for a moment.
  3. Slowly bring the right hand down, pointing toward the floor.

3 :Wrist Roller Exercise With A Dumbbell

How To Do Wrist Roller Exercise With A Dumbbell
  1. Hold a dumbbell with both hands. Keep your legs hip-width apart, elbows slightly bent, and palms facing your body.
  2. Flex your left wrist, and extend your right wrist. In doing so, you will roll the dumbbell inward. Do this 10 times.
  3. Reverse the direction. Extend your left wrist, and flex your right wrist. When you do this, the dumbbell will roll outward. Do this 10 times.

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