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You may feel intimidated by looking at the pro player, spinning the shuttle with such precision and creating an opportunity to win the rally in both singles and doubles, well don’t worry in this article I will be telling you simple step through which you can attain the objective of making a tight spinning net shot or some may say tumbling/dribble net shot.

One of the main objective of training a tight spinning net shot is to create opportunities in the rally to force your opponent make loose shot, so that you can win the rally by finishing shot.

Types of net shot

  • Straight drops which is also of two types hair pin and spining shot
  • Cross court net shots
  • Net kills

One main thing you need to remember while making a net shot is that you always have to use your wrist and finger.

Let’s start with spinning net shot(Forehand)

While making this particular short you always need to slice the shuttle in order to make the shuttle spin, now it can be done from outside to inside or inside to outside rotation or by (what i say) Slope slice.

Now use of all these three techniques depends on various things. I will explain these techniques after forehand and backhand net shot net shot explanation.

But first start with the grip of forehand

As you can see in the picture player is holding the racket in his fingers everything is same as a normal forehand grip but the only thing you need to change is to hold the racket in fingers and to make the rotation of racket by moving your fingers and wrist.

The amount of force you apply when making the shot is very crucial and that is why it is advised to hold the record in fingers so that the net shot will go more precise and accurate.

Backhand grip for net shot

backhand net shot grip

Side thumb placement

Here you can see in the picture of backhand grip it is shown to put your thumb on the space given between the horizontal and vertical plane on the wooden handle as you can see in this picture.Main Focus is given to hold racket in fingers and not in palm.

Movement to reach shuttle

Forehand net shot footwork

net shot forehand

Backhand net shot footwork

backhand net shot

Let’s talk about Different techniques which I mentioned earlier

From inside to outside rotation it is applicable in both forehand and backhand net shot

This racket movement is used when you need to put the shuttle more to the side of court.

Let me explain with the help of an example, suppose your opponent made a shot to the center of your court in your net area and you want to put the shuttle by making a spinning net shot close to line with forehand than this rotation will be used whereas it is opposite in backhand scenario here the shuttle will go away from line with same inside out rotation.

From outside to inside rotation , both in forehand and backhand net shot

this racket movement is performed from forehand side to make sure that the shuttle do not land away from the contact. Means the main objective is to keep the shuttle inside or at the same exact position to your opponent net area whereas it is completely vice a Versa situation on backhand.

Now the last technique is slope slice

Here  player contact the shuttle at an angle with the racket to give the shuttle tumbling effect it will become more clear to you by looking at the picture as you can see that the players racket is slightly tilted downward so that he can make slice on base of birdie to perform a spinning net shot. Unlike from side racket movement in this technique racket movement is straight.

Benefit of using this technique is that it makes shuttle travel more faster and sharper giving you opponent less time to return the shot.

Hair pin net shot

Hair pin net shot

This type of net shot is mostly in single specially performed by Lee Chong Wei, while making the shot main objective is to make the shuttle go across the net as close as possible so that it will be hard for opponent to lift shuttle.

Benifit of using this drop is that it is hard for your opponent to return it in a offensive way and he will be forced to make a high lift on which you can attack.

But this is also a down side to it as you are hitting shuttle slow so a quick player will try to kill it instead of waiting for it .

In my opinion hair pin net shot is only benifical when your opponent is in back court.

So now you know techniques and steps to perform net shot, but how you will improve?

These are some practice/drills which you can do alone at home to improve your net skills

Practice Method 1

Develop shuttlecock feel using a suspended shuttlecock hang a shuttlecock on a string at chest height then practice hitting it lightly again and again to learn how to control the power used to hit the shuttlecock.

Practice Method 2 :- Hand feel practice

After learning how to control the power used to hit shuttlecock, start juggling shuttle in open space that is hitting it up continually on racket face as well as adhering to the principle of hitting the shuttlecock lightly also try to control the direction of shuttlecock to improve control ability.

Practice No 3

After you start to fill comfortable with shot now ask your feeder to stand near net and feed you 25 shuttles , In this practice you should stand in the center.

Some Tactics

Net shot in badmiton is an important part of build a rally in doubles and singles

Badminton shots along the net are used to create opportunities and dominate the front of the court.It is a very important skill to help you win badminton rallies.

A good net shot can force your opponent to perform a high lift/clear, so that you can play a winning smash.A tumbling net shot enables the shuttle to tumble across just slightly above the net.

Cross Court net shots

As the name suggest cross shot means hitting the shuttle diagonally in front court as close to the net as possible.
Here power is generated from wrist arm and finger, but it should be controlled precisely as a slightest carelessness can cause an error

Cross Court drop shot is used to put your opponent of balance

Footwork is same as straight net shot only difference is the racket movement
There are two type of techniques which you can use to hit a cross court


In this technique you are just slicing the shuttle and guiding it diagonally without changing face of your racket.
Benefit of this technique is that it is more deceptive because racket action is same as straight of so it will be difficult for your opponent to anticipate your shot

But there is a downside also as you are slicing the shuttle now your shot will travel at a slower speed means giving time to your opponent to react

Using racket face

In this technique you change the face of your racket from 180 degree to 90 degree and guide the shutter diagonally
Benefit of using this technique is that here shuttle is travelling much quicker so giving less time to your opponent for reaction

But downside of it is that it is much harder to control and sometime you will end up putting shutter outside the court

Net Kill

The net kill is a useful skill to end a rally when if your opponent executes a poor quality net shot (net shot that is too high). When your opponent plays a net shot that is too high, strike with a net kill!

In this video lin dan is performing net kill to his opponents high net shot.

A net kill is when you hit the shuttle downwards from the net area, with the aim of winning the rally immediately.Net kills are played with pace, but they don’t require much power and should be played as steeply as possible.If you try to hit the shuttle too hard, it will often go flat.These flat kills are much easier to return, and they often go out at the back!

When to use Net kill

Net kill can be a very effective shot if played at right moment, to perform
Proper net kill having speed on Court and power in wrist is must.

Mainly shot is performed when your opponent place a lose net shot means that shuttle is not played Sharp against net and you can easily pounce with single jump.

One thing to note that your racket should not cross the net while making a net kill, it means that your contact point with shuttle must be in your court and when the shuttle is dead follow through of racket to your opponent court side is allowed.

if you are finding difficulty in understanding Fault during net kill read this article

As been a badminton player i know that it is very difficult to learn these basic badminton shots and learning their utility in the game but if you will keep practicing these shots for 6 months(5 Days/week) then you will become capable of executing these shots in a very effective manner.


  • Holding the racket correctly is the key to play quality drop shot close to the net
  • The power in a drop shot comes from the wrist and fingers not arm
  • To hit a drop shot that is close to the net adjust the angle of the racket face in accordance with the position of the incoming shot


if you face any problem in your badminton career.

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