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I personally feels that it’s very frustrating when you are not able to reach the shuttle in time and there is always a fear in your mind that weather you will be able to return next shot or not, but don’t worry in this article i will be telling you how to improve speed in badminton also a video below will help you to summarize all these things.

Fixes discussed in this article

  • Using good court shoes
  • Moving on toes
  • Proper stance
  • Split step
  • Physical aspect
  • Mental aspect

Why you need to this article?

Badminton is the fastest racket sport in the world , where is reaching speed of 400km/h.

So it is very much necessary for player to have high reaction time, one thing i you should learn that speed in badminton is a combination of

  • Explosiveness
  • Full body coordination
  • Quick on feet
  • And most importantly full knowledge about footwork

If you think that fast sprinter can also perform quick on badminton court , it is not true a player need to have all these qualities in order to be fast on court.

Quick fixes to improve speed in badminton

Using good shoes on court

It is necessary that you use good badminton shoe for two reasons

  • It helps you to more quickly on court
  • It prevent you from getting injured

There are a lot of criteria which a shoe should pass in order to be called as a good badminton shoe but just to give you an overview these are the things which you should be looking in a badminton shoe

  • Non marking sole
  • Heel stabilizer
  • Cushion
  • Toe Box and so on

I have a complete guide on how to select a shoe which you can read but if you want a quick solution and don’t want to spend time reading that blog post then this is the shoe which i recommend

Always be on your toes

Been one of the fastest racket sport in the world you cannot afford to be slow on your feet

Think about it you get less than a second in badminton to react on your opponent shot and moving with whole feet is a wastage of time ,so my advice is to move on court with your toes expect while you are doing lunges ,you will feel the difference

At first you might find it hard to balance or physically exhausting on your calf but as soon as you get hang of it, it is going to improve your speed on court drastically.

Proper stance to lower your center of gravity

body balance in badminton

It refers to the  ready position of your body while receiving a certain type of stroke this is a very important concept in badminton if you know the correct badminton stance then it can make your movement more smoother, quicker and will reduce the danger of getting injured.

So as you can see in the picture female player is ready with her knees slightly bend and back tilting little forward it is very effective way both in singles and doubles to move because it keeps your muscle active all the time.

Split step for amazing speed on court

It is believed that in badminton 50% of winning depends on player footwork but unfortunately it is very common in beginners as well as in intermediate player that they are not much explosive on court

Don’t worry this guide will help you to understand the most important thing which is going to help you move faster on court , SPLIT STEP(or also known as prep jump).

It refers to a little jump which player takes just before the opponent hit the shuttle and lands on the ground with the shuttle is hit by opponent as you can see in the below picture

Split step in Badminton

player is doing the split step, even though his opponent has not hit the shuttle but it is all about the timing.

Keeping your racket at correct position

Most beginner have this habit of keeping there racket and non racket arm below there hip while they are waiting for opponent’s shot.

It is very bad habit in badminton you only have less than 1 second to react and keeping your racket low hanging will waste you time.

Always make sure that your elbow are just below your chest.

Now some players might be thinking that most professional singles player don’t follow this step ,but this is same as when you start learning bike all you think while riding is about Gears After gaining some experience it don’t requires much focus which Gear to put.

Physical aspects to improve speed in badminton

Sport like badminton require a quick and explosive movement so for that you need to work on agility and endurance at same time, Here is an example of Workout :

  • Running(30 min)
  • Sprint
  • leg strengthening exercise
  • Zig-Zag movement sprint

These type of workout are good here above you can see that it has both types of exercise ,Endurance and Agility.

Other good exercise for speed improvement in badminton

Forward, sideways and backward lunges with or without weights will help develop lower body strength, as will squats, leg extensions, leg curls and leg presses.

Develop power to increase your court speed and vertical jumping ability by performing split squat jumps and squat jumps.

To improve your upper body strength, perform shoulder presses, lat pull downs, chest presses and rows.

Like most racquet sports, badminton players are prone to developing rotator cuff problems.

To minimize your risk of developing rotator cuff problems, you should perform medial and lateral shoulder rotation exercises using dumbbells, cables or resistance bands.

Training drills on court to improve speed

As you would expect, there were a number of videos, forum posts and articles about training exercises to improve badminton footwork – all of which are good. Here are a few ideas…

  1. Shuttle runs
  2. Shadow badminton (a popular choice)
  3. Pattern drills on court with and without a shuttle
  4. Fast feet exercises

The above exercises are good for developing technique. However, whenever you practice on court, pay more attention to your recovery pattern and speed than you have previously. You’ll be amazed at your progress when you do.

Mental aspect of moving faster on badminton court

Each sport in the world require mixture of technical , physical and mental aspect same applies in badminton if you want to move faster on court you have to train your mind also.

Lets take an example, suppose you lifted the shuttle to your opponent back court now as soon as you starts to move back to base position in your mind you begin to anticipating shots like “is it going to be a drop shot or a smash , my life was too short he will smash ” all these comes in your mind but you must avoid all those thought, try to remember quote of Bruce lee “Be water my friend” if you have trained properly the body will automatically going to get your opponent shot.

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Thank you for reading…….

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rajat agrawal · at

can you suggest diet chart for intermediate badminton player?

    Sahil · at

    It is not a simple question and vary from person to person ,because diet chart of person depends on various factor like:
    Gender, Weight, Height, Blood group, Work routine, Fitness goals .
    I suggest you to take with a gym trainer or a dietitian.

    Plz share this article to support my work 🙂

prabhakant shukla · at

Nice work!!! Continue to share your knowledge

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