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Their are times in matches when you know where to place the shuttle to win rally but what holds you back is your shots accuracy.

In this guide i will be telling you some techniques which is going to help you improve accuracy of your shots faster and effortlessly.

badminton accuracy

Why you need to read this article

No matter how much stamina you have or how well you understand the tactical side of a game if you don’t have control on your shot accuracy, these all can be useless.

It is overwhelming to see professional player hitting their shots[shot placement] which plump on the line, they have so much accuracy in their shot but it comes with hard work.

This is what i am going to tell you in this article .

Always Remember this!!!!

Once a coach told me that” A decent average shot that lands in the court gives you chance to win a point whereas a perfect awesome shot lands just outside the court is worth nothing because it’s outside of the boundary”.

Play less accurate shots to improve accuracy

When you are training for accuracy you need to make your target area larger and from their you can narrow it as you feel your accuracy has improved.

For Example , Lets says you are working on your straight smash accuracy, to begin with you might wanna aim for about One meter size distance or you can put 4 shuttle box horizontally to side lines [inside] court.

You need to start with clear margin of error so that , if you miss you are still going to be in the court

As you start hitting those shuttle boxes start to use 2 boxes and finally 1 box on the line.

Consistency is the key to accuracy

You need to practice over and over to improve your accuracy.

There is no shortcut to this , play with your friends and always try to place shuttle where you was thinking and you are going to see improvement in your game.

Play under pressure

To increase your ability to stay conscious during a game and be in a state to apply all those thing that you have planned to win a match  is very important.

Their are couple of things that you can do increase this ability

  1. Make bad situation in a practice game(Deliberately):  Try to give some lead to your opponent in game purposely , so it will increase pressure on you to make a comeback in the game especially if your opponent is a junior player

Also you can start playing matches by doing bet it will also helps you to get some training to play under pressure.

Wrong technique might be the problem

One very common mistake among badminton players is that they rely too much on their wrist to generate power.

Take note that your wrist action helps kick in extra power.

The main source of power for any type of badminton shots is the swinging motion of your badminton stroke.

DO NOT depend too much on your wrist especially when hitting underarm clears.

Concentrate on performing the correct swing motion. Using your wrist will make the shuttle fly too far and eventually make it fly out the court.

If you generate too much power from your wrist to hit a cross court underarm clear, there’s a high chance that you’ll “over-hit” it and have the shuttlecock fly pass the sidelines.

Moving more fluently also helps in improving accuracy in badminton Read this article to improve your Footwork.

This video will also be helpful on YouTube


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Thank you for reading…….

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