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I remember my very first tournament in which I lost in the 1st round and looking back at that I realize how many mistakes I made, so this inspired me to talk to some experts and know what is their secret sauce of winning tournaments? which can be helpful for all the beginners to win their first badminton tournament.

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Paul Stewart

Paul Stewart: Founder of and has been helping players from Intermediate to international level with online and offline coaching, he also has a youtube channel make sure to check that out


Ensure you have a knock up prior to commencement of the tournament so you understand the conditions of the day and have a feel of the shuttle. Is the shuttle fast/slow? You need to know as it could affect your game plan.

Check on your opponent:- If you get the chance to watch them, sit near their court and learn what they can and can’t do.  From this, decide your tactics and mentally rehearse which shots you must play to carry out these tactics.

Act professionally at all times:- Ensure your court etiquette is good and you show you are a good sportsperson whether you win or lose. Make the right impression as you never know who is watching you.

Have fun and remember to record what you learned from each match and what you need to work on in training


Don’t waste time. Check what time you should be on the court and plan to warm up in time.

Tobias Wadenka

Tobias Wadenka: he is a german badminton player (Bronze in European junior championship – mixed team) who started his youtube channel to help players achieve their goals

I played my first tournament many years ago and I think there are some lessons which I learned from that experience which can help all beginners and inexperienced players (and maybe even some experienced ones) when they come to a tournament.


Know your strengths

I think too many players focus on their weaknesses when they start out, and yeah! there are many of them in the beginning but weaknesses won’t help you

When you go into a competition and only think about them. Knowing your strengths makes everything so much easier!

Especially when you are playing your first tournaments try to figure out before or during practice what areas of the game you are good at, or maybe better than other players of your level.

This will not only give you a better idea for a gameplan but also more confidence and I think that is the most important thing if you are just starting out.

Prepare what you can prepare

When you are going to your first tournament you will see, that there are so many things that you can’t control, so I would recommend controlling everything that is in your hand.

Prepare your equipment so, for example, you have enough rackets with a fresh grip, good stringing, etc..

Get to the hall early and use the chance to get used to the courts. It could happen that the surface, the lighting, and the vision, in general, is totally different than everything you are used to

And one more thing: especially if you are nervous it can be difficult to get enough sleep the night before the tournament.

It can be hard to deal with that, but your body can compensate for it if you already had a long and good sleep, the nights before so think in advance here!


Look at your draw/potential upcoming opponents

I think this is a mistake that also very experienced players tend to commit, and sometimes I also fall into the trap of looking at potential matches ahead.

Only the next match counts, thoughts about the potential matches afterward will only distract your focus and won’t help you at all.

So try to avoid them as good as you can, maybe ask a friend to tell you, who you are up against for your first match.

Shuttle life

Sofie and Mads Selmer: They are the founder of Shuttle life and had been making videos for many years to help players all around the world make sure to check out their youtube channel with almost 200k subscribers


1) Define when you succeed. And ‘winning’ should not be your goal. 

2) Prepare for the event and go there in good time:- You don’t want to be that guy who gets disqualified because he failed to reach in the hall at a given time so plan ahead.

3) Remember that your opponent tries to win as well. So you will make mistakes – because your opponent is good too.

4) Stay in the process – Don’t fear the outcome! But you must love that there is an outcome you can use to become a better badminton player. 

5) Think about the next point all the time. Don’t think about the ending.

6) Force a smile:- Don’t be dead serious for a tournament but enjoy the process, learn from your mistakes and always remember to have fun while playing badminton


1) You only want to win:- If you are playing tournament just to win it then it won’t be long when a single loss will demotivate you so always participate in a tournament to gain experience.

2) You forgot to prepare:- As the sport is becoming more popular than ever competition has increased even at a domestic level so you can’t afford to miss a single day in your practice session especially when your tournaments are near

2) Starting to blame anyone and anything if things aren’t going your way:-

3) Focusing on winning/losing the match:- If your focus is on the outcome than you will not take the risk in a match which shouldn’t be the case as it will hinder you in learning new things so focus on one point at a time.

4) Getting angry:- Everbody makes mistakes during a match so instead of getting angry on yourself learn how to be composed during the match as it will help you in making a better decision


If you are playing a tournament (especially if it is your first one) then chances are high that you will put yourself in unnecessary pressure, so instead focus on learning from experience and integrating drills accordingly in your practice session

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Amazing tips, It is a unique concept and already shared it with friends.
Looking forward to future projects!

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    Thanks for the appreciation, Sure more projects are coming.

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Nice Initiative , Yes more projects like this.

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    Thanks for the appreciation 🙂

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Please  help me about a wrong serve in doubles.
1.Let  suppose  Team A having a serve in even court (block)
   But the player start a serve with odd court (block) and the opponent , receive the serve and 
   continue the  game, in that case, which Team get the point
2. if Team B not pick the wrong serve, that means , Team B take the point.(its understandable       situation).
3. If Team B , pick the wrong serve, so in that case what you suggest?

Rizwan Zaman

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