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Every wants to do what makes them happy and if you gets money from doing it than it is like an icing on cake , Most players want’s to make career in badminton but they lack the knowledge to reach there goal more quickly and efficiently ,In this article i am going to tell you how to make career in badminton.

So to quickly answer your question this is the pathway for making career in badminton

  • Getting in shape
  • Learn basic of badminton
  • Start practicing
  • Play with those who are better than you
  • Join an academy
  • Start playing tournament
  • Enjoy your career

There are so much more detail you need to make career , well keep this article

Badminton is a highly competitive and popular sport that many people around the world enjoy every day. But while most people enjoy badminton as a past time or a hobby, there are those who aspire to be a professional badminton player.If you are dedicated to going pro in badminton, there are many things you need to do to insure your chances of success on the court.

Note:- Before you start reading , If you have doubt about your age for making career in badminton read this article.

Getting in shape


It may seem at first glance that you do not need much strength and stamina to play badminton but it is completely wrong, in order to make career in badminton you need to get in shape , start doing training which is suitable for sport.

An Example of a workout program

  • Do some cardio training. Try to run at least 3 times a week.
  • Do some light weight training. The goal here is to not bulk up and become muscular, but to make sure you are fit and your body is prepared for the grueling time you’ll experience on the court.
  • Consider hiring or consulting with a personal trainer who will help you put together an exercise routine that fits your schedule and goals

Legs strength is must in badminton that is why you see professional players are having bulk legs compared to there upper body , it helps them to move more explosively and faster.

Learn Basic of badminton

In order to become a good badminton player learning basic is very much necessary, It helps you to move on court more efficiently and avoid injuries

Some key elements which you should learn

  1. Learn how to hold a racket
  2. Learn different types of shots
  3. Teach yourself footwork
  4. Know different tactics
  5. Train your mentality

If you are looking to make career in badminton then it becomes necessary to use equipment which provide best performance, after spending hunderd of hours researching market these are the equipments i recommend

Practice, Practice, Practice!!!

There is no shortcut to become good in badminton , in order to go pro you need to practice as much as you can, you’ll have to put in countless hours of playing badminton so that you can get an edge on future opponents. Make sure to use your available hobby or leisure time to supplement your scheduled practice time.

Reseach proved that it takes about 10,000 hours to become an expert at something mainly involving sports.

Play with those who are better than you

Even before you take formal steps to become a professional player, you need to play against people who challenge you. Playing challenging opponents will be the best way to improve your skill level and prepare yourself for the many high-level opponents you will surely face as a professional player.

Though it might be fun to play with those player who you always beat but it is not much beneficial for your game , Try to talk and play with those player who are playing the sport for many years learn from there experience and past mistakes.

Join a academy

In today’s online world you learn any thing online everything is present online but there is a limit you can learn by yourself so it is a wise choice to join a badminton academy to reach your goals more quickly.

Make your coaching time count. Pay close attention to the advice you receive while you’re training. If you really want something to become a part of your technique, make it into a mantra that you repeat (aloud or in your head) as you play.

Start playing tournament

To reach international level you first need to win in district then in state and national tournament, So playing more and more tournament will give you experience to handle pressure in matches.

If you’re in middle or high school and your school has a badminton team or program, make sure to sign up as soon as you can. Playing in school will give you the ability to devote extra time to practicing your future profession. Try to view school badminton competitions as a pathway to success and as a path to going pro.

How badminton players earn money

Many players quits because of money factor , First 3-4 years you will only be paying expenses and earning no money from the sport.

Once you start playing some mid-sized tournaments you’ll get sponsorships from academies. They will sponsor you racquets and shuttles, you’ll practice with the academy. Sometimes you’ll be provided with money too but it won’t be significant.

Any professional badminton player’s main source of income would be from their winnings, it contributes to the major part of their earnings. Unless you are very popular, endorsements are hard to come by.

Some countries provide job security to there player which is also there source of income.


if you face any problem in your badminton career.

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Eman saeed · at

Can I become a badminton player with out joining academy

    Sahil · at

    NO, If you are thinking of doing it along.
    You will be needing a partner for various drills

Ajay · at

I’m 15. Is this is too late to start badminton 🏸 practice or is there any good news for me…?
Thanks 🙏

    Sahil · at

    Not at all, go for it.

M.Sivadharzhini · at

I am 19 and I need to play badminton I have played in school. but now its my aim to make badminton as my career what should I do.

    India pal · at

    Hi , I am interested to play a badminton and to start my career through badminton can you please tell me where can I start

ram prasad · at

I know badminton but I can’t get change to proved my talent😢😢😢😢😢

Anjali · at

Can I start my badminton coaching at the age of 35 to become a professional player?

    Sahil · at

    You can play in 35+ category

Ridhi lalwani · at

I am already playing in an academy but I am not taking the personal training.also which is the best academy ?Is it necessary to take the personal training

    Sahil · at

    yes it is necessary.

Ali · at

I am 13 years old and I live in Pakistan and I have played national’s badminton and became Pak no. 5. I need tips for what should I do in the future and I am going to USA

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