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If you are searching how to hold a badminton racket then congratulation you are on right track because most of the beginners and recreational player make mistake of using panhandle grip which is not the right way to go, there is not a Universal Grip which you can use in badminton for different shows there are different type of grapes but for you, I have combined all the script guide in one article to make your learning easier.

Types of Grips in Badminton

  • Forehand grip
  • Backhand grip:- which are further of two type one is used for making clear and another is used for underarm clear.
  • Smash grip
  • Net shot grip

Forehand grip

Technique for Forehand Grip

First, let’s start with the forehand grip

Take a racket Then place your hand on the face of racket slide down to the handle and close Three fingers and your thumb leaving forefinger separate.

Make sure that you are not holding the handle of the racket from above try to reach as down as possible where your full hand is on the grip because it will be beneficial for you if you’re holding your racket from below which allows you to take full benefit of the length of your racket.

Now close your hand in a way like you are shaking hands. One important thing to know that your racket face must be vertical and not horizontal and V shape which you are making with your thumb and forefinger should be aligning to racket face

Place your finger away from the other three fingers as it will provide extra power to your swing, leave some space between your Palm and racket handle this will only happen if you are holding your racket in fingers and not with your whole fist.

Why use this Grip?

In Badminton most of the shot you play are with the help of wrist movement using forehand grip allows you to move your waist freely whereas in Panhandle grip your wrist get blocked and only allows to use full arm rotation.

Also when you use the same grip while making different shot it gives your opponent less clue for what short you are going to play. I have explained wrist Movement in an article where you can clearly see you why using your hand grip is beneficial click to read article

Mistakes to avoid

  • Hold racket as low as possible but your palm should not cross the handle.
  • Try to hold the racket with your fingers and upper Palm area, leaving space between racket and lower palm, it is necessary as leaving some space in between allows you to quickly change your grip during a rally.
  • Don’t hold racket too tight, keeping a relaxed grip is very beneficial for the quality of your shot.

Backhand Grip in Badminton

As I mentioned earlier there are two type of backhand grip

  • One which is used during backhand clear
  • The second which is used during underarm backhand clear

Why Backhand grip is of two types?

So you might be thinking that why there are two types of grips? why not only use one? This is because we are playing backhand in what scenario, well the reason of using this grip while you are playing a clear is because clears demand more power and if you try to play it with an underarm grip then you will not be able to complete your wrist movement more fluently which is not as same in underarm clear.

So to sum up the reason we are using different grip is because of the range of motion for clears you require more wrist movement as compare to lifting shuttle.

Let’s Start with Backhand Clear grip

You wanna turn away from the V grip and a little bit move towards a panhandle grip place your thumb in between where the vertical and horizontal face of your racket handle is intersecting you will get much more clear understanding my looking at this picture.

As you can see that there is a small line in racket handle, this is the place where you want to place your thumb while you are making a backhand clear all other things are the same as I told you in forehand grip.

Keep your forefinger away from the other three-finger and hold your racket not in your fist but in your fingers because it allows you to use your wrist more freely it is a very important component while playing shots in badminton.
If you want to learn how to play a backhand clear, you can read this article

When to use this grip?

  • While playing backhand clears
  • For Backhand drop shot
  • While playing a cross drop against smash

Backhand Underarm clear grip

Place your thumb(at an angle not completely straight) on the flat side of racket handle While leaving a space between your palm and racket handle. Most people confuse this with panhandle grip, here you are not holding the racket with your whole fist but with your thumb and fingers, Your grip should be relaxed and tighten only on the impact.

Where to use this grip?

  • In backhand serve but hold racket from the tip of the handle while maintaining the grip to get maximum accuracy
  • When you are lifting shuttle from net area to backcourt.

Smash grip in Badminton

Most of the players get mistaken while learning a smash grip or in some case they don’t even know that there is a separate grip for smashes, basically what they do is use simple forehand grip to make smash which is very bad for smashes.

So what is the reason for using this specific grip? As you can see in below picture during a forehand grip head of racket is vertical to ground whereas in smash grip it is slightly angled about 10* degree while every else seems same, During smash, you want to have maximum power and using a forehand grip will cause slicing of shuttle, whereas with smash grip you hit shuttle with flat face.

It may be beneficial to use a forehand grip for cross-court smash but imagine how difficult it would be to play a straight smash with slicing action.

Badminton Smash grip

Technique for smash grip

Hold racket using forehand grip, now slightly move your racket 10* degree to your right (if left-handed and vice-versa) and that is it, you are done.

Sometime new players me, Why can’t I use for hand grip I can just adjust my wrist during contact point to make sure that my racket face is straight?

Problem with this technique is that you will not get much power from your wrist as compared to using a smash grip, it allows you to easily transfer power from your shoulder to your wrist and then finally racket also it is much difficult to make racket face straight at right moment using forehand grip and eventually you will end up slicing the shuttle.

Net Shot Grip in Badminton

Forehand grip For a net shot

Holding the racket in his fingers everything is the same as a normal forehand grip but the only thing you need to change is to hold the racket in fingers and to make the rotation of racket by moving your fingers and wrist.

The amount of force you apply when making the shot is very crucial and that is why it is advised to hold the record in fingers so that the net shot will go more precise and accurate.

Backhand grip for a net shot

backhand net shot grip

For backhand grip the main objective of you should be to hold the racket in fingers as you can see in the above picture, the player is holding racket with fingers and there are many gaps between his palm and racket handle this will allow you to to make that delicate touch which is crucial while playing a net shot.

Net kill Grip in Badminton

While making forehand net kill using a panhandle grip allows you to hit shuttle with a flat face which is required to generate more power If you are using a forehand grip then you will not be able to hit the shuttle with a straight face now you may be thinking, I can also turn my wrist to make my racket face straight while I am making that kill it is right, but sometimes when you are under pressure you may forget to straighten your face In A forehand grip so using different grip for different shot is, in my opinion, is a good decision.

While in backhand net kill Place your thumb(at an angle not completely straight) on the flat side of racket handle While leaving a space between your palm and racket handle.

Changing grip more quickly

There is a reason that for each shot you have to use a different grip and it is because of the position of your body and position where you are taking the shuttle to suppose if shuttle is in front of your body now you cannot use forehand grip because in that way you will be slicing the shuttle so at that time you have to use a panhandle grip when you are performing a net kill from forehand side same applies to other shots

You don’t need to completely change your because the way all these grips are designed by just moving your three fingers below your forefinger and thumb you can completely switch from any of any grip depending on what shot you are hitting Now you may have realized why I have been telling you, again and again, to hold your racket in your fingers and not in your whole fist this is the reason because it allows you to change your grip more quickly.

You can improve speed of grip changing in between by doing some practice.

Wall practice is one of the things that you can do at home or when you are free hold a racket and then starts switching from one to another grip as fast as you can and in time you will see a difference in your speed of changing grip.

Comment down below which grip you did not know before

Thank you for reading………….

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Abhinav Kaushik · at

When we use smash grip then we have to bent it at 10°,my doubt is how is bent done by? 1.holding the racquet grip at 10°.
2. bending the hand at 10°

    Sahil · at

    Use fingers to change angle of racket face.

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