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For a new person entering in a sport can be very confusing , especially in regard with getting the right equipment matching his/her skills and level , In this article i will be telling you best badminton shoes for beginners which you can buy if you don’t want to waste your money more than what your skills deserve.

Reasons of mentioning these shoes

Price range :- I don’t know about your financial position but if i was just starting spending more than $50 on shoes as beginner is not a good idea.

Shoes quality :- Only go for shoes which are specially made for badminton and try not get a shoe on it’s look (as a beginner) because let’s be honest you are not going to look good while playing your first match, and prefer quality over looks .

What quality?

  • Grip of sole
  • weight of shoes
  • Cushions
  • Durability

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Best Badminton shoes for beginners

Yonex Power Cushion SHB 35EX Badminton Shoes

Yonex badminton shoes

These shoes are specially utilized for badminton play, you can tons of shoes at low price but if you are serious about playing badminton than this shoe is perfect for you but as a recreational player another shoes which i review  below this will be good.

Because that shoes is suitable for any indoor sport and also much durable.

Badminton shoes are designed with very thin soles because you need to change direction a lot etc, and thinner soles reduce the risk of you turning an ankle.

so this is it’s upper side like correct padding for hard lunges and quick movement due to light weight.

These shoes offer exceptional support and durability for aggressive players

The non-marking rubber outsole has a tread pattern that will work well on any court surface.

The Yonex power cushion absorves shock then reverses the impact energy for smooth transfer into the next movement

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Asics Men’s GEL-Rocket 7 badminton shoes review

Best badminton shoes for beginner

Best badminton shoes for beginner

Perfect shoe for beginner , i chosen this shoe thinking that you want a shoe which is :-

Durable – As badminton is a fast sport so shoes needs to be pretty durable

Have good grip – Not get slippy on badminton court after some use to avoid injuries

Match the skills of beginner You don’t people to say that Are you a professional , why are you using these shoes that don’t matches your skills

Non Marking – You are not allowed to play in badminton court unless you are not having non marking shoes this is because marking shoes damage the wooden and synthetic court

(decreasing the traction on court by scratches from marking shoes) 

and these are Non marking shoes , so you are OK in this department.

Lighter weight upper and increased gum rubber on the outsole for improved traction. and people also seems to loving it check price on amazon

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Avoid these mistakes as beginner in badminton

Always trust your coach :- Nowadays we have access to unlimited information and we can improve our game by consuming these knowledge ,

but the wrong thing to do is learn a technique from your coach and than verifying it on YouTube by watch a video to ensure that where your coach is right or wrong .

Doing these thing can make your progress more delayed,

It is OK if your coach is not a good player but if he has the skills to beat you than it is foolish to wander here and there in search information.

Equipment does matter:-   The way you dress give people a hint what kind of person you are ,

Once in tournament i was having a match against a player who was had voltric Z Force II, I got scared , because the first impression i got in my mind for my opponent that he must be a pro

( as he was carrying the racket which international player also uses)

but reality was total different.

Now it is up to you what you want yourself to project in front of other players.

For a beginner it can be very confusing to learn badminton but dont worry as  there are lots of articles for beginner on this website to read which will going to help your your first step in badminton,  Click here.

If you have any other question feel free to ask in comment section

Remember if you face any problem in your badminton career.

Thank you for reading…….


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