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It is a very good decision to encourage your kid for playing badminton as it is one of the sport which require full body fitness but selecting a perfect racket can be difficult as you need to keep in mind the strength of your kid and purchasing a racket not suitable for kid can cause shoulder injuries.

Don’t worry in this guide i will be telling you which is the best racket for kids according to kid age and on what basis i selected these racket.

These are top rated racket for kids

Under 5 year old kids

  • Mini Badminton set

Above 5 year old

  • Senston graphite mini racket
  • Senston N80

If you want to know why these badminton racket are rated the top and what they can do for your  kids playing experience, then read on. I will list the quality of each racket.

Best badminton rackets (above 5 year old kid)

Senston Graphite Mini Badminton Set Junior Badminton Racket

racket for kid

racket for kid

  • Racket Length:58cm/22.8 in
  • Racket Weight:100g

The frame and shaft integration professional design improve the flexibility,( means no joints it is a single piece racket )Perfect gift for children over 5 years , The best thing about this racket is the carbon aluminum body. You know, every kid hits their thing on ground ,wall but this racket will not break because of this element.This badminton set contain all the essential items requires to make two kid play badminton

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If you are just buying a racket just for play than this is good but if you are thinking to encourage your kid to play badminton professional than check the racket below.

Senston N80 Graphite badminton racket

badminton racket for beginner

badminton racket for kids

  • Shaft: Graphite (Full Graphite meterial adds strengths and stability for enhanced performance.)
  • Product parameters:5U(75g-79g)
  • Stringing Advice: 18-26 lbs
  • The Isometric Square Head Shape frame structure and nanometer material supports high pounds string,frame do not change shape ,give you a better sense of strength.

Why i choose this racket

Graphite :- As a player if you are just starting out you need a racket which will help you to play better and also not damage your technique like using a heavy steel racket can cause shoulder injury and stuff like that Always go for a carbon graphite frame racket because it is a sign that your frame can bear high tension string from machine. It also a sign that your racket is flexible and will provide you extra durability.

As a beginner you are going to hit your racket with the ground or with some other player so always go for durable racket.

The Isometric Square Head Shape have larger sweetspot ,improved hit rate.

Unique pyramid frame rim ,This design accords with air mechanics,Minimize the resistance to swing,you can faster to hit badminton speed .

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Best badminton racket (under 5 year old kid)

Children below 5 years of age are not much physically strong to play with a regular racket, so it is a wise choice to choose a racket which is not weigh much.

That is why i selected this racket below because it is a perfect choice for a kid of that age, i know you might be thinking are these racket any good for a kid whom you want to encourage them in playing professional badminton in future , trust me i have seen some kids using graphite racket at age of 5 and they are barely able to lift the racket , these racket will help your kid in improving hand – eye coordination at such early age without risk of any injuries.

Mini Badminton Set for Kids

if your children care about looking good while playing badminton or love their favorite colors, this is the junior badminton set to get.

Both of these rackets are 18” long making them ideal for kids under 5 year old depending on the size of your child. One neat feature designed especially to appeal to children is that this set comes with a LED birdie which glows in the dark.

What kid doesn’t love things that glow in the dark?!

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On what basis i selected these rackets

Weight of the racket

Kids have less strength in their shoulder and badminton demands a lot of shoulder movement for swings

So for kids racket with less weight are good (For Kids who are playing for fun)

But if you want your kid to play badminton more than just a outdoor game ( means taking classes)

than my advice is to buy your son/daughter a heavy racket because it will help them to improve power in their arms and also heavy racket provides more momentum to swing so the shuttle hit from a heavy racket will go longer than compare to light racket.

Flexibility of the shaft

The flexibility (malleability) of badminton rackets is known with the terms 1). Flexible 2). Stiff 3). Medium

A stiff racket is not very flexible, and therefore offers good control. A stiff badminton racket will require more strength to produce powerful hits. If you however naturally have a powerful stroke you will discover that you can hit harder with a stiff racket than with a flexible racket. Thanks to these properties stiff badminton rackets are better suited for a more aggressive playing style. This produces a sort of launching effect causing the strokes to easily travel further. The strikes are slightly less accurate then. Flex badminton rackets are primarily suited for a more defensive style of playing. A medium badminton racket is situated in between stiff and flex in terms of flexibility.

Flexible shaft provides more control and it act as a cushion to the swing of racket which reduce the risk of wrist injury.

But a stiff shaft is more for smashes and not recommended for a beginner.

Length of the racket

Always keep in mind the height of your kid while purchasing racket you don’t want a racket who’s length is equal or more than your child height.

That’s why i divided the list in too part one is for kids under 5 year old( 4 etc.)

and other is for 9 year old kids.

And of course colors of the racket which every kid wants in their racket.

If you have any other question feel free to ask in comment section

Remember if you face any problem in your badminton career.

Thank you for reading…….

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