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Whether we are buying a shirt or a car first thing we look for are what brand is the product from , Same applies here in badminton. Buyer wants to ensure that his/her money not getting wasted on poor quality product. To Solve this issue i have come up with a list of badminton racket brands which i personally trust and have good experience with over past 10 years of my badminton journey.

List of Badminton racket brands

  1. Yonex
  2. Li-Ning
  3. Victor
  4. Basic Feather
  5. Ashaway
  6. Adidas
  7. Carlton
  8. Apacs

Criteria which i followed to make this list

Multiple factors needs to be considered while evaluating a brands , these are some of factor which i took into consideration.

  • Price of rackets :- Whether the quality of racket justify a racket price
  • Variety :- Having multiple choices while buying a racket
  • Popularity :- It does feel good when you are using same racket as world no.1
  • Quality:- Longevity of products and use of modern technology also make an average racket brand better.

8 best badminton racket brand

It is the most popular and oldest racket brand in the world , Tag of Made in Japan on racket itself gives buyer a sense of trust.


What makes it so popular

  1. Products trusted and used among professionals – You will find at least 5 player among top 10 using Yonex rackets.
  2. Wide range of products – Despite been such a huge brand they have products for every budget segment.
  3. Innovation meets sports – Big R&D investment to ensure better quality of products

Some of the rackets

Top tier racket

Astrox 100 zz 

Astrox 100zz_

It is the latest addition to yonex’s top tier product line , For advanced players looking for immediate access to power to maintain a relentless attack

Budget friendly

Voltric vt 0.6 

Excellent racquet,head heavy and super balance and good repulsion too.

Good choice for intermediate players and smash hitting peopl


I remember one of the first racket that i bought was from lining , when it comes to buying a light racket at low price you cannot go wrong with this.

A Chinese sportswear and sports equipment company founded by former Olympic gymnast Li Ning. The company endorses a number of athletes and teams worldwide,

Li ning G force 2500

Some qualities

  • Trusted by Professional player like Lin dan , Chen long
  • Huge variety of light weight racket , it you are a fan of light racket you should explore their budget product line

Top tier Racket

Lining 3D calibar 900

3D CALIBAR-900 badminton racket is built on the 3D Calibar Technology Platform and features a high-tech, geometric badminton racket frame design that greatly reduces air resistance. It produces faster swing speeds for bigger smashes and gains outstanding reviews from strong players that are looking for maximum power.

Basic Feather

Founded by Morten Frost, former 4 time All England winner, All products are tested and developed by Morten Frost himself and former Danish National Player, Flemming Quach. Visit :- For Indian buyers ,  International audience visit .

Mission is to create too quality products with a simple design at fair prices. They says “The mentality is to always “Keep it simple”. We know that worked as a strategy on the badminton court and we believe that it will work in business as well. That’s why we have a simple product range, a simple website and simple pricing”.

Some Qualities

  • Products are tested by International players before bringing into market.
  • Free Shipping all around the world and 30 day money back guarantee (even for used racket) shows there first priority are customers.
  • Apart from manufacturing they also have a YouTube where you can learn from Morten frost and Flemming.


international leader in badminton founded Taipei, Taiwan in 1968. It is dedicated to making badminton stronger, and loved by more people around the world, with the most advanced technologies they put on badminton rackets, footwear, apparel, and badminton-specific accessories.

Now gained popularity due its quality rackets and deals with professional players (Tai Tzu ying is one such name).

Some qualities

  1. Constant update of Product line
  2. Reasonable rate

Top tier racket

Victor JetSpeed S 12 

As the name suggest it is a fast racket providing extra momentum to your shots. Racket is more suitable for advance players due to its sweet spot and other geometric features.

Victor Thruster K 770-HT

Good for intermediate players. Due to high tension sweet spot is smaller

It’s on the stiffer side which means good for attacking players


CARLTON SPORTS is a British badminton equipment brand originally established in 1946, headquartered in Englandto provide the customers with the best quality badminton equipment & services

You might be listening about this brand for first time as it is not very popular in international competitions but company’s product line are fairly priced and can be a good entry point for people having limited budget.


Even balanced, 4U Badminton Racket, it has a medium Flex and a hi- flex carbon construction with an isometric head shape.


This brand is slowly making its place in badminton market famous for providing racket with quality at low price which other companies provides at high price , it can suitable for intermediate player but not sure for professional players.

I have reviewed the best apacs racket click here to check the article


It might come as a suprise to some of you but adidas also have some respectable presence in badminton market .

Even So , I bought a adidas racket(wucht P5) over other top brand due to it been most value for money.

Although it there are not many option which can compete with top tier rackets of yonex but if your are looking for mid budget racket it might prove a good option.


Ashaway is best known for manufacturing the world class racket strings used by many of the world’s leading professional players.

But it also have some good badminton racket which can act as an alternative if other brands are not available in your vicinity.

Some Rackets


Balanced racket at reasonable price

Thank you for reading……….

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Amrinder · at

Thanks..your articles are very good.
Can you please advise if apacs finapi 232 is a good racket. I am an intermediate player. Any other recommendations are most welcome.

    Sahil · at

    this racket is for smashes and weigh 85g which is heavy , so keep that in mind , Duora 77 is good racket
    but for smashes voltric 10DG is good in mid range(same weight as apacs racket).
    Sorry for late reply,

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