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There are many types of badminton racket available in market based on your game style you can choose your best badminton racket.

Top racket available in market

  • Yonex Astrox 88D

Attacking racket

  • Yonex Voltric Z- Force II
  • Yonex Nanoray Z Speed
  • Li-Ning Woods N90-II
  • Yonex Voltirc 80 E- Tune
  • Yonex Duora Z Strike

Defensive racket

  • Yonex Arcsaber FB
  • Yonex Nanoray 900
  • Yonex arcsaber 11
  • Apacs Feather Weight 55

If you want to know why these badminton racket are rated the top and what they can do for your playing experience, then read on. I will list the quality of each racket.

Pro Tip:-Expensive racquets can hold high tension like 30lbs so you have to take care of your racquets as it can  easily break you racquets head if any of of the string break and you leave it without cutting those strings.

I will be listing best badminton racket under two category 

  • Smash
  • Defense

Top best badminton rackets of 2019

Best Badminton racket

Why Astrox 88D

It is an all-round racket and suitable both for singles and doubles but good only if you have proper technique

If you have a good technique in your swing and play both singles and doubles then hands down Astrox 88 D is the best buy (check it out on Amazon USA / Amazon India)

Let’s look at some specs

Shaft:- It has a stiff shaft so it is easier to control your shots as compared to the flexible shaft but you need a good technique to get the most out of this racket also it has one of the slimmest shaft Yonex has ever produced which means less air resistance during swings

Balance:- It is a head heavy racket but what I liked about it is that how fast it is at the same time meaning that you can also use this racket while playing doubles even after being a head heavy racket

Weight:- I tested both 3U(88 g) and 4U(84 g), and what I suggest is to go for 4U if you want easier racket handling and 3U if you want more power.

One more thing which makes it an all-round racket is that it has some weight on the bottom cap of the handle which means that when you are defending or playing drives it will not feel much head heavy

I don’t know it really weird how Yonex managed to make this racket head heavy and at the same time good for flat exchanges.

Frame:- It is an isometric shape racket which means large sweet spot but what makes it different from Astrox 88S is that it has more flex in the upper part of the frame transmitting maximum power to the shuttlecock

Other some great racket for smashes and defense

Best badminton rackets for Smash

Voltric Z- Force II

Voltric z foce 2

Voltric z foce 2

It is a racquets which is considered as one of the heaviest especially its earlier model Voltric Z-Force  which is very hard to find these days.

Voltric Z- Force II offers an ultra-tough and thin aerodynamic shaft for greater power.

It has an isometric head shape for more accuracy on off-centre hits and is packed with innovative technologies to ensure outstanding performance.

The Tri- Voltage System combines the characteristics of a head heavy powerful racket with light and fast racket handling, while thenew Compact Frame provides minimised air resistance.


  • Head Shape: Isometric; Weight: 3U (85-89.9g); Balance: Head Heavy
  • Length: 26.5” (673mm); Flex: Extra Stiff; Supplied strung with BG65Ti string
  • Frame: High Modulus Graphite, Sound Filter, Tungsten, Nanometric
  • Shaft: High Modulus Graphite, EX-HMG, Nanometric; Grip: Cushioned
  • Grip Size: G4

Click here to check price on Flipkart / Amazon.In

Click Here to check price on Amazon

Yonex Nanoray Z Speed

Nanoray Z speed

Nanoray Z speed

Used By :- Carolina Marin

This racket hold the record of fastest smash by tan boo heong MAS at 493km/h, So you can imagine the power of this racquet.

It is a mix type of racket good for both styles of player The unique frame design of the NANORAY ZSPEED means that the frame is thinner at the midway point at either side of the racquet head.

At this point, EX-HMG, the most elastic and powerful material ever, is used within the frame, allowing it to repel the shuttle with explosive acceleration and devastating power.


  • Flex: Stiff
  • Weight: 3U; Grip size: G4
  • For quickness and speed with smashing power
  • Head Light Balance

 Click here to check price on Amazon

Li-Ning Woods N90-II

lining n90

lining n90

Used by :- Lin Dan (earlier)

  • Grip: S2 (3 1/4in)
  • Weight: 3U (85-89gm)
  • Balance Point: 304mm (Head Heavy)
  • Flex: Stiff

Li Ning Lin Dan Woods N90 II S Type is the Li Nings 2nd generation racquet, designed based on specification of Olympic Gold medallist and World Champion Lin Dan.

It optimizes the players performances especially during attacks.

FRAME HEAD TECHNOLOGIES: TB NANO POWERTEC : With the application of the Li-Ning s Nano Science and Technology, the carbon fiber is bonded with the resin to perfection.

The racquet performance increases by 20%, breaking the limit in  hitting intensity.

COMPRESSED FRAME : The compressed frame adopts grooves design to create better resistance to torsion and deformation is minimized.

STABILISED TORSION ANGLE : The Stabilised Torsion Angle  ensureshigh elasticity of a racquet to create high quality return for off-centered hitting.

Click here to check price on Amazon

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Yonex Voltirc 80 E- Tune



Used by:- jan o jorgensen

Combining incredible power and fast racquet handling for the first time,Voltric is the perfect racquet for players seekingexceptional all-round performance.

For the first time, Voltric’s exclusive Tri-Voltage System achieves the combination of heavy smashes and speedy racquet handling.

Head heavy balance, heavier head than Z force II even though you won’t put any of the grommets.

Had to remove all grommets and restring again to match the balance like my Z force II.

Strictly for singles game, clear the overhead shots effortlessly till the end of the opponent court and high punch in smashes like Z force II due to heavy head.

Can’t play doubles with it as its too heavy to move for those quick returns in doubles.

for professional or advance players only.


  • More speed on offensive drives. More power on decisive smashes.
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Frame: H.M. Graphite, NANOMETRIC, Tungsten
  • Shaft: H.M. Graphite, NANOPREME
  • Weight / Grip Size: 4U (Ave.83g) G4,5 3U (Ave.88g) G4,5
  • Stringing Advice: 4U 19-26 lbs, 3U 20-27 lbs

Click here to check price on Amazon

Click here to check price on Amazon/India

Yonex Duora Z Strike

Yonex Duora Z Strike Badminton Racket

Yonex Duora Z Strike

Used by :- Viktor axelsen

This is a 3U version (85-89g) G4, larger grip, which is the standard grip size for Yonex rackets this is an even balanced racket with extra stiff frame.

Duora Z Strike follows the Z Force 2 with a compact head – very familiar although a completely different feel.

Immediately it had a good feeling to it although I would have said it was more slightly head heavy rather than even balance.

Offensive racquet specially made to boost power, speed and control, giving players a tactical upper hand on the court. For  players who like to make blast with there smash on court max tension 28lbs.

Click here to check it out on Amazon

Best Badminton rackets for defensive player

Yonex Arcsaber FB

Arcsaber fb

Arcsaber fb

Used by :- Ratchanok Intanon

Before writing this review i am warning you that this racket is one of the world’s lightest badminton racquet which also suggest that it is little bit fragile so unless you are a professional think before buy it.

Combining incredible power and fast racquet handling for the first time, Voltric is the perfect racquet for players seeking exceptional all-round performance.

For the first time, Voltric’s exclusive Tri-Voltage System achieves the combination ofheavy smashes and speedy racquet handling.

  • Shaft: H.M.Graphite nanometric, Frame: H.M.Graphite, C.S carbon nanotube
  • Isometric shape with built-in T-joint
  • New grommet pattern and solid feel core
  • Aero and box frame
  • The lightest racquet in Yonex’s history featuring Nano-metric that combines innovate racquet handling ability and deadly power

Click here to check price on Amazon/India

Click here to check price on Amazon

Yonex Nanoray 900

Nanoray 900

Nanoray 900

Used by :- Saina nehwal

It is very quick and accurate for double play. Suitable for singles ( used by saina nehwal) and doubles player ,Overall I think Nanoray 900 is a delightful racket but it’s not a NS9900.

I think it’s better in some respects with the extra head weight providing additional “punch” where NS9900 was lacking.

Rating Nanoray 900 has proved to be a challenge.

I recommend adding the Yonex Nanoray 900 badminton racket to your list of should test rackets if your budget will stretch.

  • A new frame that suppresses the angle of the shuttlecock for a completely new angle to your smash
  • Level: Advanced, Type: Offensive, Balance: Head Light Balance,
  • Power Rating: 4 out of 5
  • Control Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Flex:Stiff,Frame Composition: H.T. Graphite, H.M. Graphite, Nano-metric,Super HMG,Shaft Composition:H.M. Graphite,X-Fullerene,Ultra PEF,Length:674mm
  • Weight/Grip Size: 3U (85.0-89.9g)/G4, Color: Iron Gray

Click here to check price on Amazon/India

Click here to check price on Amazon

Yonex arcsaber 11

Arcsaber 11

Arcsaber 11

Used by:- Taufik hidayat, Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo

The Arc Saber 11 is the most advanced of the Arc Saber line of Yonex rackets.

It comes under the category of balanced rackets which can be used effectively depending on your style of game either during singles or doubles.

A balanced racket would have the weight of the racket distributed along the frame and the shaft thereby bringing in a combination of power and control to the player with the right technique.

This racket boasts of the “Neo CS CARBON NANOTUBE” placed on either side of the racket frame which allows the player to feel the shuttle stay on the strings longer therefore increasing control and also improved repulsion.

I would mark this as a racket for advanced players.


  • Neo CS Carbon Nano Tube provides added bite to the shuttlecock and Sonic Metal increases the ability to deliver a high repulsion, rapid-fire return
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Shaft: H.M. Graphite, Ultra PEF
  • Weight / Grip Size: 3U (Ave.88g) G4,5 2U (Ave.93g) G4,5
  • Stringing Advice: 3U 19-24 lbs, 2U 20-25 lbs

Click here to check price on Amazon/India

Click here to check price on Amazon

Apacs Feather Weight 55 

Apacs Feather Weight 55 Unstrung Badminton Racquet

Apacs Feather Weight 55 Unstrung Badminton Racquet

Isometric head frame Equalizes the length of main and cross strings in the stringbed, enlarging the sweet-spot for more consistent accuracy even on off-center hits.

Provide consistent and stable shots.

Ultra Light Weight (Lightest badminton racket in the world) The Ultra Light Weight body creates an extremely fast racket and is developed to suit players who wants more speed, fast swing-through and the quicker maneuverability.

Graphite Handle To achieve the light weightness and the durability of the racket, graphite handle had been used to replace the wood based handle.

The New Taper Shaft have a thinning shaft allowing higher Flex Point which results in more flex, more accurate, more power, more steeper smash, more forgiving and more feeling.

Click here to check price or buy online(Amazon/India)


Yonex Astrox 77 New Badminton Racket

Yonex Astrox 77 Badminton Racquet

Yonex Astrox 77 Badminton Racquet

Used by :- AKANE YAMAGUCHI (Japan)

  • Yonex astrox 77 is a medium flex racket for attacking game style.
  • It is a lightweight Yonex racket with weight of around 83 gms.
  • this racket will offer 7.1% more power.
  • Long Shaft(1cm long than duora 10).
  • Stringing advice :- 4u – 20 to 28lbs , 3u – 21 to 29lbs

Yonex rates this racket as “Medium Flex”.

To put it into perspective, Duora 10 is “Stiff Flex” and Z Force 2 is “Extra Stiff”.

While hitting full smashes with body weight transfer, the racket performed extremely well.

It has got a good solid punch.

The ASTROX 77 also has a very long shaft.So it gives a good whip feeling while delivering the smashes.You can get good power while hitting half smashes as well.However half smashes feel a little bit inaccurate at times.

The racket performs very well in all departments of the game.

This is the perfect racket for someone who likes a little bit of flex in his racket.

Click here to check price on Amazon/India

Click here to check price on Amazon

How to choose best badminton racket based on your gaming style

Attacking style

If you are a player who like to play at high intensity and like to smash a lot during a singles or doubles match then the racquets with heavy head can be prove very helpful for you then those with light head it is because of the fact that,Heavy Head provide that extra momentum to your arm pronation and will ultimately add more extra power to your smashes.

Defensive style

If you have more like a safe or defensive style player  then choosing a racket with heavy head can cause you some problem so it is always good for a defensive player to go a balanced or light head racquets with will not unnecessary pressure on your wrist. These light headed racquets are little bit hard to control especially if you are an intermediate player.

These are some tips to make your racket last longer

If you are playing with a High Tension strings then as soon as you you are streams get broken cut it with scissor to avoid breakage of your racket frame, so always keep scissors in your kit bag.

Also don’t give you racket to a beginner because his poor technique might cause harm to your racket, do you know that playing with feather shuttles will break your string more quickly than playing with a nylon shuttle it is because feather shuttle are more heavy, so if you are playing a recreational game with your friends who are not taking any coaching I would suggest you to play with a nylon shuttle.



If you have any other question feel free to ask in comment section

Remember if you face any problem in your badminton career.

Thank you for reading…….

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Yogesh · at

I’m planning to purchase
Yonex voltric z force 2.
So can you suggest me which is the good one either 3u or 4u?

    Sahil · at

    I have written an extensive article on this topic search “How to choose a badminton racket” on site.

Vaibhav · at

What are your thoughts on Carbonex series and Nanoray-7000,8000 series.

Karthik · at

I’m in the beginner to intermediate level, all these rackets mentioned in the list are really good but priced a little heavy as well.
Could you please suggest an all-rounder similar to Yonex Astrox 88D, but at a little lesser cost.
Note: I’ll be playing both singles and doubles using this racket.

Kelvin ahong · at

I am a beginner and wana buy a raquet under buget of 6000 and i like playing attacking tsyle can you suggest me one

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