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Before we discuss some badminton singles tactics to win a match in competition , i want to tell you that if you think that you cannot beat a player who has more skills, power, physical fitness than you then you are wrong, After you complete this guide on badminton tactics you will have the knowledge to play against a tall player and fast player in singles.

To quickly answer your question , for fast players you have to play against there nature, try to play a basic game just drop and clear, frustrate your opponent and force him to make an error. Another strategy that you can use against him is, Fast players utilize there energy more quickly so by playing long patient rally you can put pressure on them.

For tall players

tall badminton players also have weaknesses such as:

  • Receiving sharp drop shots
  • Weaker drives
  • Weaker defense especially around there body

If you want more detailed uses of these tactics keep reading this article.

In singles player find themselves in different situation

Including neutral situation :- while neither of the player has an advantage

Defensive situation :- where one player is under pressure

Attacking situation :- where one player is exerting more pressure and more often than not is the player hitting downward

Some beginner singles strategies

Early:- Taking the shuttle early gives less time to your opponent, creates more opportunity to hit down and create more attacking options.

Patience:- It is of often necessary to wait for the right opportunity to attack so patient is essential.

Deception:- Making your shot look the same puts your opponent of balance and out of position.

Base Position:- Recover space on the court by maintaining an effective base position

  • the ideal court position from which you are best able to deal with your opponents probably replies
  • the position where you perform a split step timed with your opponent hit

Creating space:- Players should use the width, depth and height of the court to create space which they can then exploit.

Change in pace:- Once an attacking opportunity has been established there is often an increase in pace and the attacking player aims to finish the rally.

Badminton advance singles tactics against fast players

Attacking badminton stance

Everybody has different playing style and different type of style gets beaten by different tactics.

Fast or quick moving player are hard to defeat especially if your game of style is calm or slow but for a fast player his/her speed can also prove disadvantageous

Most quick player Just hate playing with slow guys as it frustrate them because a slow player will never use fast movement which makes a fast player uncomfortable

In short if want to beat a fast player you have to play against their nature

try to play a basic game just drop and clear frustrate your opponent and force them to make an error.

Another strategy that you can use against him is, Fast players utilize there energy more quickly so by playing long patient rally you can put pressure on them.

This advance strategy is also used by chen long against lee chong wei most of the time.

Badminton singles tactics against Tall players


Taller players have an advantage in firing drop shots and smashes from steeper angles.

However, tall badminton players also have weaknesses such as:

  • Receiving sharp drop shots :- Playing more sharp and angled drop shot force the tall player to take shuttle close to ground and because of their height they faces difficulty in returning these shots, providing the opponent opportunity to be on attacking side.
  • Weaker badminton drives Drives are fast badminton shots exchanged horizontally right above the net.It’s harder for taller players to play good drives. They have to
    squat lower to hit those drives with an overhead forehand stroke, which can be fairly uncomfortable for them. Note:- try to play drive close to their body
  • Weaker defense especially around the throat area.
    Tall players can retrieve shots which are placed on the sidelines because they have longer arms. However, it’s hard for them when the shot is placed closed to their body.Next time when you play against a tall player try to hit a body smash , it will be difficult for him due to long arms to defend that shot.In contrast, short players can easily defend these shots and also can counter a weak smash with an overhead stroke.

Shorter players are much better in exchanging badminton drives.

Therefore you should capitalize on this if you’re shorter than your opponent.

Using smashes to win rallies

best badminton player

Smash in badminton is one of the easiest way to score a point if you know how to execute it,

As I said earlier if you know how to execute it then it is the easiest way you can win a rally because for other shots you need to have a proper control in your hand whether it is a deception shot or slice drop shots etc.

If you know how to hit a powerful smash even a slight loose shot made by your opponent can give you the opportunity the win rally, but you need to have patience to play more attacking game.

if you are only smashing whenever loose shot comes from your opponent you are giving away your strategy and next time he will be aniticipating your shot and if he played a block against your powerful Smash then it will be difficult for you to return.

let’s take a example

Suppose you are having a match against John and he is a very defensive player now instead of you just straight away start smashing to his loose shot ,

first put him out of position by playing different shot like a jumping clear, fake smash etc. And then when you feel that his side area is open to exploit by smash then use it according to his body position.

But if you are constantly attacking against every lift JOHN gives you, he will be ready by shifting his base position a little back from center to return your smashes and you will end up wasting valuable energy.

Playing more drives and sharp shots

I believe that parallel and drive shots in singles are very underrated and doesn’t get much used specially at intermediate and semi Pro level,

What most players are doing either just smashing or playing deception but to be a good player it is very necessary to keep changing your strategy.

Suppose you are playing with a slow player and by slow I mean that his footwork is more relaxed, he is able to reach your shots without moving with much explosive power,

Now a normal player will think that I should increase my footwork speed to beat this player.

It is a good strategy if you have good endurance but in my opinion it will be more efficient to increase speed of your shots instead of moving faster, seems good.

Let’s take an example

Again your match is with JOHN (sorry next time I will give you another opponent) and his footwork is more relaxed, now what you can do is whenever he hit smash try to counter attack to cross side in back court, or when he plays a net shot instead of lifting the shuttle Higher try to be quick on your feet and make a parallel shot to his back court

One common mistake many player do, they make a parallel shot to opponent forehand side from net which is a big mistake to make specially when you are playing against an experience player

Because it will be easier for him to just catch the shuttle in between and he will make a straight smash which then becomes harder for you to reach.

Using more deception to win rallies

You know , it is very impressive for crowd when a player takes point by making deception and it also put pressure on your opponent. but sometime when you are trying to make deception your shuttle hang in the middle giving opportunity to your opponent for winning shot.

So do practice before you execute any fancy shot during match because the last thing you want in a tournament is to embarrass yourself in front of crowd.

One principle you should follow to improve your deception is always try to hit shuttle at the last time possible.

A good deception is not when you make 3-4 racket movement but a good deception is that which is played against you and your opponent expectation.

Have you ever faced confusion while deciding what shot to play?At that moment you can play a perfect deception by deciding at the very last moment what stroke that you can play in return.

Slow Shots to make your opponent take extra steps

If you have some basic knowledge about footwork in badminton you will know that you have to take more step to reach a slow drop shot compared to a fast drop shot.

In simple words you can reach your opponent fast shot even with a single lunge but for a slow shot you have to do two steps to return that shot.

So slow drop shot can be effective if you want to make your opponent move more on Court.

Here is an typical example of rally constructed with the help of slow drop shot.

Mental strategy in Badminton

If the player is superior than you, you need to have a focus in your mind ,

Most of the time when you don’t have enough experience to take pressure in a match ,means the pressure of last point to claim a World Championship title.

It seems very easy on T.V but reality is totally different.

If you don’t have the experience to play under pressure you are not gonna able to apply any of the tactics.

Play under pressure

To increase your ability to stay conscious during a game and be in a state to apply all those things which you have planned to win a match

Their are couple of things that you can do increase this ability

  1. Make bad situation in a practice game(Deliberately):  Try to give some lead to your opponent in game purposely , so it will increase pressure on you to make a comeback in the game especially if your opponent is a junior player

Also you can start playing matches by doing bet it will also helps you to get some training to play under pressure.

Train your mental strength to apply these tactics

The qualities that set an elite athlete apart from the rest of us lays not just in the muscles and the lungs but also between the ears and the mind.

Athletes need to make complicated decision quickly in order to win their game.

That is the power of our mind. You can use the power of your mind and spirit in different ways.

With proper training and preparation, you may very well find yourself on the road to optimum sports performance.

Has it ever happen to you that in a match things started happening automatically without you even thinking about it

Well this is the power of subconcious mind and if you are thinking that how am i going to remember all these tactics during a match well there is one thing you can do to solve this issue.

Write these strategy on a paper including your own strategy and every day revise that peice of paper before going to your practice session, this will help you to feed this information in your subconcious mind and next time when you will be playing a match all these things will start happening automatically depending on the situation.


Badminton is a very tactical and strategic game. Basically you need to keep returning the shuttle for longer than the opponent whilst trying to outwit them, and move them around the court using a variety of shots, with disguise if possible.

Being a quick thinker is important to make decisions about what shot to play, in the limited time players have to return the shuttle effectively.

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