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As a beginners understanding scoring rules in badminton can be intimidating when there is so much things to know but don’t worry this in depth guide contains everything there is to know in badminton regarding scoring rules.

Badminton scoring rules in summary

  • Best of three games is played of 21 points in rally format(point scored after end of a rally).
  • One needs to win 2 sets (or games) to declared a winner.
  • If score is 20-20 , 2 consecutive point needs to be scored to win a set(or game).

Some basic question which will be answered

  1. How to score a point
  2. How many point to score for a win.
  3. What happens in deuce and advantage situation (with example).
  4. How to count keep score like an umpire.
  5. How to prepare scoring sheet in badminton

Badminton Scoring rules

A match in badminton consist of 3 sets (or games) and each game is of 21 points.

Rally system is followed in badminton,  meaning a point is scored when a rally ends.

Whoever wins 2 sets(or games) first wins the match.

Odd and even numbers importance

Score as a Even number

When score of the player who won the point is even number like 2,4,6,8 etc., serving person will do the serve from his right side of court to alternative side of opponent half court

It also means that first service in badminton is done from right side of court because 0 is a even number.

Score as a odd number

When score of the player who won the point is an odd number like 1,3,5,7,9 then he has to serve from left side of his court to alternative side of opponent court( See picture below)

Short serve

Knowing where to stand in doubles during service is tricky check this article for more clarity

Concept of deuce and advantages

Deuce in badminton happens when both players score are equal on game/match point(score is 20-20) after this player need two consecutive points to win the match/set.

Advantage in badminton means when a player has scored a single point after deuce (score 21-20) and he/she needs one more point to win the game.If player having the advantage loose a point than the score will be back on deuce ,

This process keeps on going until the score reaches 29-29 points , after that there will be a golden point(Final single point whoever wins this take the match/set).

It means score cannot be 31 points it will finish at 30 points if this type of situation arises.

Suppose in a match you are serving for final point (score is 20-19) and your opponent is at 19 points, if your opponent scores a point(now the score is 20-20) now deuce has happened,

To win that set you or the opponent have to score two consecutive points to win a match.

Until the score reaches 29-29 points , after that there will be a golden point(Final single point whoever wins this take the match/set) in deuce and advantage situatio.

It means score cannot be 31 points it will finish at 30 points if this type of situation arise.

When a point is scored in badminton

  • If shuttle fall in your opponent court
  • When your opponent makes a fault
  • if shuttle is outside the lines

Shuttle fall in your opponent court

This rule is apply both in singles and doubles means that if you make the shuttle fall in your opponent court(within valid area) then you wins a point or if your opponent miss the shuttle than same will happen.

If you looses a point than service will be given to your opponent.

When your opponent makes a fault

Fault in badminton means certain actions which is termed as illegal in books of BWF and if done by a player opponent will wins the point.

There are so many faults in badminton so if you want detail information , read this article, But just to get you started these are some of the common faults in badminton.

  • If you move during service or even while receiving a serve it is a fault
  • Hitting shuttle more than one time than it’s a fault
  • Touching net with your racket during a rally , it’s a fault and so on

Valid area in badminton

In badminton if your opponent’s shuttle lands outside the lines which is decided by BWF than you wins a point, In singles and doubles valid playing area is different.


score badminton

Shuttle which lands in red area ( even if it is on the line ) is valid and if your opponent’s shot lands outside read than you wins a point.

Remember this is only for in between rallies , there is different area for service in singles

In Badminton service is performed diagonally, there are two compartment in a badminton court in a box shape Left and Right, In singles a simple rule is followed for service if you are having points in odd number like 1, 3, 5 then you will serve from left box of court side diagonally to your opponent and if you are having points in even number like 0, 2, 4 then you have to serve from right box of your court side diagonally to your opponent.


In doubles if shuttles lands in or even on any of the line than it is valid meaning that you can hit shuttle anywhere in your opponent’s court and it will be valid even if it is on the line.

Same as singles for service a different scenario is set by BWF.

Service is done diagonally and it should lands in same colored area to be considered as a valid service(on the line shuttle is valid).

Now you have learned how to score a point in badminton , lets take about scoring rules in badminton.

System For Counting scores in badminton as a umpire

It is easy to count the scores in badminton as an umpire , you have to follow one single rule and that is , while counting always pronounce the score of player who is having the service.

For Example Lin and Lee is having a match and you are appointed to count score as a umpire now according to rules you have tell the score of the server(who is doing the service) first and after that the score of receiver(who is receiving the service)

Like Match start 0-0 (now the person who will do the service his score will be tell first )

now score is 6-7 ( in this situation the player with 6 points is having the service so now the score will be pronounce in this manner 6-7 not 7-6 because the player with the 6 points is having the serve).

How to keep score in scoring sheet

Score sheet in badminton

So now you have learn how to recite score like an umpire, next step is how to keep scoring sheet in badminton?

it is a very simple process if you understand the basic rule,

Start off by writing name of players as shown in the picture above ,if it is a single match as you can see in the picture there are two players having a singles match the large Boxes is for writing name of player and small boxes is for writing score.

In first box write “0” in both players column after that which every player scored the first point write his score in his row after “0” now you can see in the example the next point is also scored by Lin Dan now score is 2-0, but next point wins by Lee so now score is 1-2 as you can see in the picture above “1” is written after the points of Lin it means that the basic rule you need to follow while recording in score sheet is to avoid overlapping of score.

You may be thinking what will happen deuce and advantage situations? Consecutive points are recorded next to each other and when the other player score point his score will be written in the space not filled by his opponent score in his row.

Note that :- if first row gets filled and there is less space available you can also utilize the row below there name written, just like you start with “1st” point.

Try making less mistakes to make your scoring sheet look more professional and also avoid cuttings



If you have any other question feel free to ask in comment section

Remember if you face any problem in your badminton career.

Thank you for reading…….

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