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If you are a person who fails to reach the shuttle in a good balance because of your poor badminton footwork than this guide will help you to improve your footwork and a secret that you might not know ,which will drastically improve your speed on court.

Why you should read this?

Badminton is a very fast sport where the shuttle speed reaches to 400 km/h and these fast and quick shots can only be returned by you if you have the perfect footwork.

Badminton Footwork

This technique helps you to reach to the shuttle more quickly and in energy effective manner, there are 8 corners

in badminton which has to be covered by player(for beginner).

The player that you can watch and learn to improve your footwork is lee chong wei he has one of the most

smoothest movement on court(matches of 2009).

Basic Things that you should keep in mind


In badminton you cannot take rest during rallies, the moment you drop the energy flow you loses the point.

By this i mean that some players during the rally stops being alert and start looking at there shots which is a big mistake for badminton player.

Base Position

No matter from where you hit the shot always return to the base position , It helps you to be ready for all the corners, but some times base point can be changed.You don’t have to be too rigid on this concept.

If you knows that your opponent is going to make straight smash than you can shift the base position to little bit to left. Suppose you lift the shuttle to rear left corner of your opponents court than instead of been in center of court, shift yourself to little bit to the left so that if your opponent hits a straight smash than it can be picked up easily , same concept for right side lift.

Stance for more speed

As a beginner it can be very difficult to know little but crucial things like how to stand in badminton?who would have thought about it. In this article you will learn every single stance(ready position) performed by top players.

To quickly answer your question, these are the ready position performed in badminton

  • Attacking stance
  • Defensive stance
  • Serving stance
  • Receiving stance
  • Net stance

It refers to the  ready position of your body while receiving a certain type of stroke this is a very important concept in badminton if you know the correct badminton stance then it can make your movement more smoother, quicker and will reduce the danger of getting injured, Know More about stance

What is Split step or prep jump in badminton?

It is believed that in badminton 50% of winning depends on player footwork but unfortunately it is very common in beginners as well as in intermediate player that they are not much explosive on court but don’t worry this guide will help you to understand the most important thing which is going to help you move faster on court , SPLIT STEP(or also known as prep jump).

It refers to a little jump which player takes just before the opponent hit the shuttle and lands on the ground with the shuttle is hit by opponent as you can see in the below picture

split step

player in purple jacket is doing the split step, even though his opponent has not hit the shuttle but it is all about the timing.

Learn more about the technique of split step in this article


Have you been there where it become difficult for you to balance your body,eventually resulting in slower speed on court.

Badminton demand a lot of stability and you can improve your body balance with these simple tips without any exercise.

In order to maintain a stable posture and balance, place more of your body weight on your stronger leg and make it your anchoring foot to the ground. Keep the other foot nimble so that you can stretch and reach the shuttle wherever it goes.

By doing so, you will find it easy to return to neutral position without losing your balance and expending too much energy.

If you are looking for some quick fixes, so that you can improve your balance immediately than this guide is perfect for you.

Tips to Improve your badminton footwork(Top Secret)

Number of steps to reach the shuttle

This tips is not easy but if you use this technique than it can improve your reach to the shuttle with using less energy.

And the tip is , never take more than 4 steps to reach weather you are in the back court and going to the net.

And the no. of steps from the base position to any corner should be 2 steps.

Only one step while defending side shots.

By doing lunges and stretching this can be achieved.

Non racket leg

Always start your footwork with non racket leg no matter in which corner the shuttle is always start your movement with the non racket leg.

On the toes

 As being one of the fastest racket sport you can not afford to waste even a millisecond, you can see Lee chong wei footwork as he always moves on the toes which keeps him more fast and reduce the time which gets wasted while landing with whole foot.

This tip only apply while you are in movement and not when you are on your base position.


The idea is to quickly move to take the shuttle and then quickly return to your base.

Agility is important, but body balance is equally important.

If you do not have good body balance, you’ll lose time trying to stabilize yourself — in turn this gives you less time to return to your base.

All the above is merely a guide. There are no BEST ways for badminton footwork, you should move in a way you are comfortable with and keep practicing.

If you have any other question feel free to ask in comment section

Remember if you face any problem in your badminton career.

Thank you for reading…….

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