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Have you been there where it become difficult for you to balance your body,eventually resulting in slower speed on court.Badminton demand a lot of stability and you can improve your body balance with these simple tips without any exercise. If you are looking for some quick fixes, so that you can improve your balance immediately than this guide is perfect for you. No exercise, Only Technical fixes.

What you will learn in this guide

  • Why balance is important in badminton
  • quick fixes to improve balance
  • A simple exercise you can do at home to improve your balance

Importance of Body Balance in Badminton

Balance help you to channelize all the strength that you have made by going to the gym,from running in morning everything that you have done to make your body stronger body balance is going to help you utilize all this thing at a single time when it is necessary in sport.

Weather you are going for lunge or landing on ground after jump , more balanced body helps you to move faster on court and also help in avoiding injuries in badminton.

In order to produce high quality badminton shots, you must have good balance. After a shot, you must have good balance to quickly return to your base and prepare for the next shot.

Body balance while receiving shots

body balance in badminton

body balance in badminton

Always remember the golden rule that the lower your center gravity , more stable is your body.

Whenever you are playing badminton , Keep your knees bend and both arms above the hip , it will help you to move more smoothly without losing any balance and don’t forget the split step

Having low center of gravity is very much going to increase your speed on Court, you can learn this by watching Lee Chong Wei footwork he always keep his knees bend while moving on the court which help him to reach the shuttle more easily.
Now the question is how are you can bring this technique in your practice, or one should say in your muscle memory so that even without thinking about it you are unconsciously performing this technique.
Doing Shadow exercises is one of the best way you can learn to keep your centre of gravity low
One thing to note that you need to have some strength in your thighs because as you will be moving most of the time while bending your knees so pressure is going to apply on your upper legs, I would suggest some exercise like doing wall chair, lunges, squats.

Learn more about stance in badminton

Body Balance during front court play

These situations demand more body balance in the above picture player is going to front court but observe the non racket arm, it is not hanging dead which most of the beginner do while lunge position.

Think of your upper body as a see saw swing you can only balance see saw if on both of the side weights are equal, so now to balance your body while going for net shot keeping your non racket arm stretch out will going to help you in maintaining balance while you are returning those steep drop shot from your opponent.

Therefore, stretch your non-racket arm towards the opposite direction of your racket arm to create more balance.

Balance during Back court strokes

Non racket arm also helps in back court shots like smash, clear, and drop shots.

smash technique

smash technique

As you can see in the above pic that the non racket arm of the player is making 90 degree angles to his elbow.This technique helps you to improve the accuracy of the shots and also helps in consistency.

Now you might be thinking “no man I can also hit a shot without lifting my non racket arm” so after you complete reading this article go in badminton court and try both of the technique one which I have told you in this article in second which you think is correct, now what you are going to realize that when you lift your non racket arm to play back court shot you feel light you can hit much more powerful shot as comparison to not lifting non racket arm.
Try this and comment down what your experience was

Jump smash

Badminton jump smash

Jump smash

As you can see in the above picture players upper body performing jump smash is in line even his non racket arm, Providing player more balance and power in his smash.

A simple exercise to improve your balance at home

It can be tough to have a badminton court always available to you so i have made this simple exercise for you which you can do and all you will needing is a shuttle, thats it!

balance exercise

Step 1,  place a shuttle in front of you as shown in the picture

Step 2. Try to pickup the shuttle with single hand keeping in mind that you knee should not be bending also strecth your other leg as much straight while maintaining balance.

Step 3, Now you have picked the shuttle straight your body and take the leg forward as shown in picture

All this process should be done with one leg at a time

If it starts to be easy for you instead of picking up shuttle hold a dumbell in your hand and imitate the same movement.

How many reps?

  • 10 reps of both legs (total 2 sets)


Do not tense your non-racket arm! However, bend the wrist of your
non-racket arm slightly upwards (as seen in the pictures above) to have
more control over the movement of your non-racket arm.

Extend your non-racket arm to the opposite direction of your racket arm when performing any badminton strokes.
However, extend it gently, don’t swing your non-racket arm or else you’ll lose balance.

As your swing your racket arm, move your non-racket arm back to the side of your body.

Remember if you face any problem in your badminton career.

Thank you for reading…….


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